Monday, January 19, 2015

Tivoli COE: McKenzie Substantiates Paid Compensation Claim

Desmond McKenzie, MP Western Kingston has provided documentary support for his claim that the GOJ spent $100 million  in settlement of compensation claims by residents of Tivoli Gardens consequent on the military on May 23, 2010 incursion . Mckenzie had disagreed vehemently with Minster of Justice, Mark Golding's assertion that the amount was approximately $1billion.

It is a Statement to the Houses of Parliament by the Honourable Derrick Kellier, Minister of Labour and Social Security. Tuesday, September 17,2013 entitled "Assistance To Residents Of West Kingston Consequent On Military Incursion on May 23, 2013(sic)

Major Points:

  • The investigations were carried out by the staff of the Ministry, Social Development Commission and Poor Relief Department.
  • Some 2520 families were assisted with grants ranging from $15,000-$250,000 based on the degree of damages/losses sustained. This amounted to $71.89M.
  • Some 181 registered vendors of sections of Coronation Market which were destroyed by fire received grants ranging from $25,000-$150,000. This totaled $13M.
  • The families of 47 persons who died during the operation were assisted to meet the cost of funerals. This was paid directly to the respective funeral homes and totaled $4.477M 

Of note , the following is stated in the concluding summary:

" Mr, Speaker, the Ministry distributed approximately $90M to 2748 persons. The administrative cost associated with investigation, distribution, transportation and meals approximated to another $10M.

The Ministry of Finance and Planning provided all the necessary funding--- approximately $100M--- to accommodate the expenditures and this was accounted for in the 2010/2011 Supplementary Estimates of Expenditures."

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