Saturday, February 19, 2011

Call Lorna Golding

Many reputations are being put to the test during the Manatt COE hearings. We have heard from public officials, specifically charged with dealing with extradition cases. We are yet to hear from the political operatives. However, none of the players in the Dudus Extradition Affair (DEA) has had personal reputation smeared in the press as had Mrs. Lorna Golding, the esteemed wife of PM Bruce Golding.

Wikileaks was wicked. They purported to disclose official comments made by the US representative of the happenings at a "Tea Party" (a misnomer as no tea was reportedly served). A number of damaging allegations were contained in those official communications. These include, apart from the offering to serve day-old salad made by her husband (Iron Chef Bruce?) :
  • The PAO's conversation with Mrs. Golding covered a wide array of topics, from salads and manicures to the Coke extradition request (Ref A) and Jamaica's pending negotiations with the International Monetary Fund.
  • Mrs. Golding attributed the Coke extradition request to Congressman Rangel's "whispering in Secretary Clinton's ear" and the PNP's "pernicious influence" within the Jamaican diaspora, and insisted that the extradition request had been orchestrated as a means of embarrassing her husband politically.
  • Despite assurances to the contrary, Mrs. Golding remained convinced, as do many Jamaicans, that the White House's delay in naming a new U.S. ambassador is because Jamaica has been "downgraded" as a result of the extradition request delay.
  • (NOTE: Mrs. Golding was apparently unaware that, earlier in the week, the Office of the Prime Minister had released a statement to the press indicating that the delay in naming an ambassador was due to the White House's "preoccupation with other matters" and was unrelated to the extradition request.
Wikileaks has an international audience. Internationally there is a level of credibility attached to internal US government official communique. Incidentally, PM Golding visited the salad party briefly. Mrs. Golding must be given an opportunity to clear her name. Whether or not she accepts the invitation, the terms of reference of the Manatt COE obliges the exploration of the conduct of any public person who interacted with US government officials in respect of the Dudus extradition.

  • What was the intended objective of Mrs. Golding in inviting the US government official to tea?
  • Did she receive any background briefing on the topics she intended to raise?
  • What contribution, if any, did PM Golding make to the proceedings?
  • Did she, previous to issuing the invitation to tea, inform her husband of the intiative?
  • Did her husband Orette "sanction the initiative"?
  • Did she report to OB her impressions of the outcome of the event?
  • Was she "congratulated"a la Robinson & Brady for her achievements?
  • Has she tendered her resignation aka separation a la Robinson after a different interpretation was placed on her Tea Party?
  • Who paid for the refreshments served (assuming the day-old salad was gratis)?
  • Has she ever met Christopher Micheal Coke aka Dudus aka Presi?
  • In what capacity did she invite and host that salad party? Wife of the PM? Wife of Orette? Wife of Party Leader? Wife of MP for West Kingston or just Lorna G?
The US communique highlighted in its conclusion -
Mrs. Golding insisted that she had invited the PAO to have tea on her own initiative and that the PM, although aware of the meeting, hadn't put her up to it. This is likely true, given that Mrs. Golding appeared completely unprepared, could not stay on message, and had no apparent talking points or agenda.
Will the Manatt COE come to a similar conclusion in its finding?

Source: UK Guardian

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