Thursday, February 12, 2015

Crafting a Political Play

The reports that unconstitutionally ousted Senators Williams and Tufton (The Two) intend to resume their seats in the Upper House has raised questions of the strategies will the JLP adopt to (i) curtail further embarrassment, (ii) restore public confidence that it should be perceived as a credible alternate government, and (ii) reaffirm its commitment to the Rule of Law and the paramountcy of the Constitution of Jamaica.
It is of little or no political moment if the Senators merely resume their seats , likely with the enthusiastic applause of the Government Members and the grimace of  the other Opposition members--minus Reid and Clarke.
The media will be there to record "live and direct" the historic occasion. Political script writers would not allow such a presentation devoid of political staging. The event presents a glorious opportunity for the JLP to launch a recasting of its brand.

Hence the crafting of a Political Ploy Play:

                                                Act 1 Scene 1
The "never left" Members return to a prolonged applause frrom their colleagues who greet them individually with handshakes (male) and hugs and cheek kisses (female). They all remain standing untill the Two have taken their seats.
                                                 Act 1 Scene 2
The Leader of Government Business will be moved to extend a welcome; so too the President of the Senate. The Leader of Opposition Business joins in the official welcome. The Two remain quiet, occasionally bowing to acknowledge the greetings.
                                                Act 1 Scene 3
Before the commencement of business, The Leader of Opposition Business rises to address the Upper House about the Constitutional importance of the Senate and the public perception of the role played by the esteemed members of the Upper Chamber. He acknowledges the declaratory judgement of the Constitutional Court.
                                                 Act 1 Scene 4
The after a dramatic pause informs the House that the Opposition Senators each have reflected on the significance of the rulings and their individual and collective participation in this regrettable affair.
Accordingly, they all apologize unreservedly to the public of Jamaica. As an act of atonement: individually tender their resignation to the Governor-General and personally deliver that letter to Kings House momentarily.
                                                   Act 1 Scene 5
All Opposition Senators then rise and make their exit, each bowing to the Chair. They make their way to Kings House with the media in tow. Each  presents the resignation letter ( in green envelope ) to the GG Secretary who would have been alerted to expect such. The Two  head of the line to ensure central coverage.

Intended Messages:

  • The JLP is bigger than any one or two individuals;
  • The Senators are committed to upholding the esteem and integrity of the Upper House;
  • They do not have to await further court directions to act constitutionally, consistent with public policy and lawfully;
  • They all seek public forgiveness and are willing to pay a political price;
  • Each wish to continue to serve;
  • End the constitutional distraction and refocus national attention on the economy.

Ploy Writer's note:
The Plot  Play continues when next the Lower House meets. There will be the  announcement of a new Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition. However, the JLP Leader retains all other positions and portfolio oversight.
Andrew Holness will be devoting  most of his time to "hitting the road"-- (a) campaigning for the next  elections, (b) restoring some of the party's political slippage, (c) consolidating his showing the the recent polls, (d) organizing the JLP ground machinery and (e) mobilizing financial support for the endeavours.

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