Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tivoli COE: The Commissioner of Police informs

Rumour, speculation, gossip and vibes surround the identity of the person(s) who would have tipped off Christopher "Dudus" Coke that an official request had been issued for his extradition to the USA. Coke was reputed to have lots of connections--political and otherwise. His influence within and outside of Tivoli  Gardens (TG)was  said to be substantial.

  • What would be the purpose of anyone alerting "Prezi" that his arrest and extradition to the USA was imminent?
  • Was it expected that the Don would just fade away into the cockpit country ; or migrate using some illicit maritime carrier to some Latin American haven?
  • Was the alert primarily aimed at Coke retreating to his safe haven of TG and thereby provide the security forces the rationale for mounting a comprehensive military operation to "discipline" the "mother of all garrisons" -- a designation given by Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin, then Commissioner of Police?
  • Which individuals were privy to this "confidential" and sensitive information and who would have an interest in facilitating the passage of such information to Coke?

From the information available  Prime Minister Bruce Golding, Minister of National Security,Dwight Nelson, Brigadier Saunders,Chief of Staff, Jamaica Defence Force and Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin, Commissioner of Police  were privy to the said information. There is no evidence available linking any of those named to either having an interest in facilitating the alerting of Coke or being involved in a conspiracy to alert Dudus.
Indeed many in political and security circles were expecting "something" to take place and the unusual visitation by the Chief of Staff and the Commissioner of Police to the Minister of National Security and then to the Prime Minister  would have alerted even the curious bystander that something important was about to go down.

Lewin's Narrative:

In a television interview Lewin recounted the events of him informing the Chief of Staff, the Minister of National Security and the Prime Minister:

  1. Lewin had  been informed that the USA government would be making an official request for the extradition of Coke the following day. 
  2. Lewin informed the Chief of Staff and both proceeded to the Ministry of National Security to inform Nelson.
  3. Nelson telephoned Golding and briefed him about the urgent information about Coke. 
  4. Nelson suggested suggested that the Prime Minister have immediate consultation with the security heads.
  5. Jamaica Observer columnist Mark Wignal writes:
" Mr. Lewin was surprised that the security minister did not accompany him to see the PM. But then came the shocker. According to Mr. Lewin, in the 15 minutes it took them to drive to where the prime minister was and brief him, Dudus was informed and immediately retreated to the 'safe' have of Tivoli Gardens." (Jamaica Observer, Sunday, July 11,2010

Update: Bruce Golding has sought to include Jeremy Taylor of the DPP's office has another who would have access to that "confidential" information.  Golding has testified, in the Tivoli COE, that he never received any reports of Dudus being tipped off from COP Hardley  Lewin and that the first  time he had heard of such was that CVM interview.

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