Sunday, February 8, 2015

Tivoli COE: Questions For Lewin

There was some amount of reluctance to probe Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin when he appeared before the Manatt Commission of Enquiry. Probably the TOR did not entertain exploration of the strategies considered by the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) to arrest Christopher "Dudus " Coke and contain the expected public protest consequent on his detention and likely extradition to the USA.

The Tivoli Commission of Enquiry has no such limitation.

There is no doubt that the alerting of Prezi occasioned his immediate retreat from his abode in Plantation Heights to the 'safe' haven of Tivoli Gardens. It is more than likely the notice also heightened preparations to 'defend' the Don . Such  would have involved mobilizing armed combatants and barricading strategic geographical positions.

The Tivoli COE needs to explore if the JCF, headed by Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin, considered the option of 'capturing' Coke at his abode in Plantain Heights or in transit to Tivoli Gardens.
  • Surely "Prezi" would have had his personal security detail guarding him at home and on the journey to Tivoli Gardens.
  • More than likely it would have been an armed confrontation resulting in some deaths, even of the intended target. 
  • If indeed such an option was considered, then the factors that influenced the decision to allow him to reach Tivoli Gardens would be very informative. 
  • The movements of Christopher Coke was being constantly 'monitored' by the security forces. Unconfirmed reports are that they were well aware--- in real time--- of the route taken.
On February 08, 2011 we posted "Questions Nobody Asked: Lewin". The questions arose out of the CVM interview of the Rear Admiral on "Direct" by  Garfield Burford . In an effort to refresh the public recollection of the "shocker", CVM should rebroadcast the programme.
[For ease and convenience we have republished under the following post.]

The questions are still relevant and it is hoped that Lewin will be called by the commission. Let's hope someone will ask the questions. Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin must be anxious to to have a public record of his role/perpectives in this seminal event.

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