Monday, February 2, 2015

Tivoli COE: Who tipped off Dudus ?

One of the most intriguing issues surrounding the Tivoli military incursion/siege of May 2010 was the alerting of Christopher "Dudus" Coke  to (i) the handing down of the indictment, and (ii) the pending  request for his extradition. The intrigue is compounded by the security forces finding "a copy of the authenticated document with the Coke request" in the Tivoli Gardens head office of "Prezi".

                                             The Shaggy Defence

  • The Prime Minster Bruce Golding has denied the suggestion that he had tipped off Dudus; or had any knowledge as to how those documents got to Prezi HQ.
Now it would be very careless, even reckless, for any government official to personally converse with Christopher Coke during the time that Coke was being "monitored" by both the local security forces and the US security agencies. Telephone calls were being monitored. Proxies and convenient conduits had to be utilized. 
It would be very revealing if the Tivoli COE could gain access to the cell records of the pertinent locations in Plantation Heights and Tivoli Gardens. It would not be surprising if those recordings have already been culled.

During The Manatt Enquiry it was highlighted that telephone transcripts revealed Coke discussing his knowledge of the pending extradition request a few hours after Golding was informed. These issues were put to Golding by Patrick Atkinson QC on Friday, April 1, 2011
  • "Mr Atkinson:......So at 7:29 pm  October 29, 2007, few hours after the US Ambassador spoke to you about this oncoming indictment, Mr Coke is on the phone discussing his knowledge of this indictment. Do you have anything, any comment on that, Mr. Golding?
          A:               I have no comment to make on that."

  • "I had no reason to suspect that those documents could have emanated from any person within the Government, The Party would not have had any access to those documents. The police reported that they found those documents-...
 Golding has repeatedly denied that he tipped off Dudus.

If it was'nt me, then.......... who was it?

( Caveat: no adverse inference ought to be drawn from the date of the above testimony.)

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