Sunday, February 8, 2015

Tivoli COE: More Questions For Lewin

Questions Nobody Asked: Lewin

  • What exactly was the response of the Minister of National Security to the information you relayed?
  • You said on CVM TV words to the effect that the Minister "turned white". Could you please elaborate?
  • How long did you observe that change in pigmentation?
  • Did the Minister do or say anything during the duration of the shade change?
  • How did you react when you observe these Ministerial changes?
  • How did the Chief of Staff react?
  • Did the Chief of Staff relay any information to the Minister during that meeting?
  • Did the Minister of National Security say anything to the Chief of Staff?
  • You have said that the Minister took about ten minutes to locate the PM by phone, did this seem unusual to you?
  • Did the Minister indicate that he was experiencing a difficulty in making telephone contact with the PM?
  • Can you say, with any degree of certainty, that the Minister of National Security only spoke to the PM via telephone in your presence?
  • Can you say, with any degree of certainty, that the Minister during your stay only attempted to make contact with the PM solely?
  • You said that the meeting with the PM lasted between five and seven minutes, what was your expectation of that meeting? Were you surprised as to the nature and duration of the meeting?
  • Did the PM subsequently make any contact with you in relation to this extradition matter?
  • After the meeting, did you have any discussions with the Chief of Staff in respect of the extradition?
  • After the Vale Royal meeting, did you attend any meetings involving the PM and the Minister of Justice concerning at which the extradition request was discussed?
  • Given that there was telephonic monitoring of Dudus, can you indicate if any attempts were made to christoher duds coke, trace the source of calls made to him during the period from when you left the Ministry of National Security to the time you left Vale Royal?
  • Can you indicate if the attempts were successful?
  • On that CVM TV interview, you stated that during the interval between your departure from the Ministry of National Security and your arrival at Vale Royal, Dudus was tipped off. When were you informed of that? How reliable was that intelligence data? Have you any indication of how many times Dudus was tipped off? Was the tipping off done by telephone? Do you have any indication how many individuals were involved in the tipping off?
  • Were you ever informed of the route taken by Dudus in his move from his location to Tivoli? Was Dudus somewhere in Plantation Heights when tipped off? Could you inform the COE of the route taken? Was there any attempt made to apprehend Dudus?
  • Was Dudus monitored during his journey to Tivoli? How many persons were in the vehicle with Dudus? Was more than one car involved? Did your intelligence indicate if the occupants were armed or unarmed?
  • Were you ever made aware of the exact location of Dudus within Tivoli at any time after that Vale Royal meeting?
  • Can you to the best of your knowledge indicate if the security forces were monitoring Dudus in Tivoli up until the time of your departure from the JCF?
  • Given the plans and procedures that you have said were in place, is it your considered view that if Dudus was apprehended before your departure from the JCF, the "collateral damage" would have been significantly reduced.

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