Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Tivoli COE: Call Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin

There is the view that had the fugitive Christopher "Dudus " Coke been apprehended outside of his 'safe' haven of Tivoli Gardens, there would not have been a rationale for the military exercise--ostensibly the capture one wanted man.

It was the concern of the security forces that the capture of Coke, wherever, would have elicited some public protest by residents of TG and supporters of the "Prezi", given his empire and influence. There is no doubt that the notice given to Coke facilitated the fortification of TG and the mobilization of  armed combatants aimed at defending the Don.

The Tivoli  Commission of Enquiry (COE) in its attempt to explore the  strategies employed by the security forces will have to explore the options that were considered, based on the information available at the time. If Coke had been prevented from retreating to that garrison outpost and the security forces had only to deal with the expected public protest, would the resultant loss of life been substantially less?

Nevertheless, the whodunit saga continues. the tip off was critical.


In commenting on the assertions made by Lewin in that CVM television programme "Direct", hosted be Garfield Burford , the then Prime Minister seems to point fingers at the information being leaked before the Government Ministers were informed

  • " Mr. Chairman, I don't know the basis of the statement that was made by Rear Admiral. What I will say is this, that he was aware of the information before he approached either the Minister of National Security or myself and therefore I would, if his suggestion is true,I would then have to ponder with whom else he have shared that information and what was the security of that information and for how long did he have that information before he advised the Minister of National Security or me."


In a public statement issued to the media, Nelson attacked the messenger :
  • "I reject and repudiate Mr Lewin’s insinuation that either the Prime Minister or I alerted Christopher Coke to the existence of an extradition request by the US authorities. The fact that Mr Lewin made no attempt to adduce any evidence to support his reckless statement raises questions as to his real motive, an issue for which he will be held to account." ( Jamaica  Observer, July 01,2010 )

This is a fundamental distrust of the then Commissioner of Police, who hitherto had been Chief of Staff, Jamaica Defence Force.  Lewin had occupied two of the most important positions in the island's security apparatus. The Tivoli COE should seek to have the Rear Admiral appear inorder to elucidate his positions and subject himself to cross- examination.

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